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Utila, Honduras

We didn't get a chance to visit Utila.  No site on Honduras would be complete without a discussion of this fascinating island and its people.  To that end, we are trying to build out that section and here is our first offering.  Let's start with a 'warm hello' from Utila's mayor, Alton Cooper.

I would like to welcome you to our beautiful island of Utila, nestling in the Caribbean Sea and located approximately 18 miles (29 km) from the Honduras mainland port of La Ceiba. Utila is just 11 km long and 4 km at its widest and surrounded Utila, Honduras Sunset courtesy of Nojoby vast coral reefs with prolific undersea life.

The smallest of the major islands in The Bay Islands group, Utila is renowned as being one of the least expensive and most beautiful places in the world for scuba diving. From the Mayan Indians, through the years spent as a British Colony, Utila provides a rich and diverse cultural experience with it's population of 2,500 people you will find a unique blend of British, American and Spanish heritages making Utila a Caribbean Island which is still a largely undiscovered and unspoiled paradise.  Alton Cooper, Mayor of Utila

Utila on the Web

Utila is a well-kept internet secret but webmaster Mark Smith is about to remedy that.  His is a wonderful collection of links that feature the best of Utila.  One of my favorite sections is the photo gallery, some of the finest photos from Utila, Honduras.  Make sure you take a look at the aerial views of Utila as well as the gorgeous sunsets.

Rose's Inn, Utila, Honduras Utila offers a wonderful array of accommodations, from budget back packers to the finer type hotels.  The photos of the Utila hotels, resorts, homes, and apartments in this section alone will make me a Utila visitor the next time we visit.


As Mayor Cooper indicates, you are a mere 7-minute flight from Ceiba.  This Honduras map will show you how close you are to the mainland.  Here is a link to other Utila maps that I have collected.

A Nickel's History

Those who have been online Courtesy of Adam Lavertyfor any period of time know of the Roatan group on Yahoo.  A frequent contributor there is retired professor David Evans.  Here, Evans discusses the history of Utila, Roatan, and Guanaja, the wonderful Bay Islands of Honduras.

Need More Info?

The folks on Utila would love to have you.  Journey over to the general Utila travel section of and find the missing piece you need to complete you Bay Island vacation.

Thanks for Mayor Cooper and Webmaster Mark Smith for offering this piece on Utila, Honduras to  

Utila sunset courtesy of Nojo, and underwater scene, Adam Laverty                                                  

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