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Honduras Map and Honduras Flag

Honduras Map - Most extensive listing of Honduras maps on the web (Honduras flag in right margin)Honduras Map

      Blank Outline Honduras Map, ideal for educational purposes
      Departments - Map of Honduras
      Huge Relief Map of Eastern Honduras
      Large Relief Honduras Map
      Huge Relief Map of Western Honduras
      Honduras road map (a must for anyone planning on driving on the mainland of Honduras)
      Tons of Maps of Eastern Honduras (Department 'Gracias a Dios, Honduras)
      Very Detailed Honduras Map (expandable .pdf file)
      Honduras map locating large coffee plantations

Bay Island Maps

Roatan Towns - Includes locations of accommodations - best Roatan map on web
Roatan Maps (includes Coxen Hole map, hotel location map, island map -- watch orientation -- island runs generally SW to NE)
Coxen Hole Map
Printable Roatan Map (again, watch orientation)
Map of Roatan's Towns
Dive Map Sites, West End and West Bay, Roatan
Utila Map
Utila Dive Map
Guanaja Map

Central America and Caribbean Relief Map

Huge Watershed Honduras Map (don't attempt without broadband)

Department Maps - Choluteca Departmento, Honduras Map

Honduras City Maps

        Map of Copan Ruinas, Honduras

      Map of Comayagua, Honduras

      Map of Copan Ruinas, Honduras

      Map of La Ceiba, Honduras

      Map of San Pedro Sula, Honduras

      Map of Tegucigalpa, Honduras (download and increase the size of the .pdf map)

      Map of Tela, Honduras (loads slowly)

      Map of Trujillo, Honduras (interactive)

      Map of Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

Maps of Honduras Parks

      Celaque Map
      Huge Contour Map of Celaque (don't even attempt without high-speed access to net)
      Trail Map of Celaque National Park
      Rio Platano Map

      Parks of Northern Honduras


Good Writer and Have Visited Honduras?

This section contains all the Honduras maps that I have found available on the net on Honduras.  If you locate others, please send along the web address.

Honduras Flag

La Esperanza
Copan Ruinas
La Ceiba
May 2006
Oct 2007
San Juan Co-op
San Lorenzo
San Pedro Sula
Sta Rosa de Copan