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La Ceiba Honduras - A Must-Visit

La Ceiba, Honduras' best, is teeming with life.  Eco-tourism, hotels, restaurants, culture, parks and carnaval - La Ceiba is a must-visit vacation destination with something for everyone.

La Ceiba lies on the north central coast of Honduras.  While it may be only the third largest city in Honduras, it certainly is the most lively!

If you are just traveling through, La Ceiba is a launching off spot to the islands -- Utila, Roatan, or Guanaja.  You can catch the ferry from the docks or grab a quick 20-minute puddle-jumper flight to the islands.La Ceiba Honduras, Central Park The airport at which you land is called Goloson International airport and lies southwest of the city and is a quick 20-25 minute cab ride. 

La Ceiba's Latin Beat

La Ceiba has a unique energy.  Cultures come together.  Gracefully.  Hispanic, African-Antillian, and Caribbean all get rolled into one vibrant beat.  The city is home to Standard Fruit, marketed here under the Dole label.  As well, Guillermo Anderson, Honduras' most popular singer, resides here when not touring.

Along the beach are many restaurants and night clubs.  Away from the sea, central park (see photo below) is a very shaded area, thanks to the huge ceiba and palm trees.  More restaurants are in this area and you can walk the area or ride in an inexpensive cab.

Close to the city is the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Preserve.  Nature buffs will enjoy the Pico Bonito National Park which includes the 8,000 peak.  This is the mountain you see as you drive through the area.

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Ceiba, as Honduras people call it, has to be my favorite city in all of Honduras.   If asked why, I canít give a definitive answer.   It is a city teeming with life and energy.  The bustle is there but it is not a rush.  There is an energy here.  Human energy.  Tragically, it can't be bottled or patented.  It just has to be lived.


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