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Honduras Vacation Guide - Travel Honduras

This site will help you:
? plan vacation travel to Honduras -- the mainland, Roatan (pictured), or another Bay Island or,
? find the travel information you need to decide if Honduras travel is right for you.

I am glad you are here. 
?Bienvenido!West Bay, Roatan, Honduras.

After vacationing and traveling in various parts of Honduras, I wanted to:
?  present an honest and
fair picture of travel to Honduras,
?  offer a web site without ads, and   
?  offer more travel information than I had been able to find than when I planned our travel to Honduras on the web. 

Two options for your vacation travel planning convenience:
If you are in a rush, start with the quick-hit travel links or the 'search tool' on the right or,
When you have more time and are ready to begin preparing a Honduras vacation, perk a cup of Honduran coffee and work through the site from the Honduras travel topics on the left. Take your time and become your own Honduras travel guide.  Come along and...enjoy! 

First question . . . Why consider Honduras travel? (next section).  Let's begin to plan vacation travel to Honduras
. . . 

"The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. " St. Augustine

*I welcome update ideas and suggestions from recent travelers.  Your addition to the site helps the next person 'down the road.'  Many have offered ideas and additions. Please consider it and contact me here.


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