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Tegucigalpa Honduras cont'd, by Eric Timar

Tegucigalpa -

Midrange ($40 - $50) - La Ronda, a few blocks east of the cathedral and a block north; 504 237 8155.

The MacArthur, a few blocks north of the post office, 504 237 9839, 504 237 5906, EMail Them Here.  The motto of the MacArthur is not, but could be, "You shall return."

Budget - The Hotel Granada has three locations, all near Parque Finlay. Granada No. 1 (504 222 2654) has singles and doubles with or without private baths ranging from L215 to L365. No. 2 (504 237 7079, 504 238 4438) and No. 3 (504 237 0812) have singles and doubles from L185 to L348.

The Cosmopolitan is a simple but clean and inexpensive hospedaje in the Guanacaste barrio. Rooms with private or shared baths. Its address for a taxi driver would be just cerca de la cancha, Guanacaste; it is across from the Superc-Jet laundry.

Tegucigalpa - RESTAURANTS

Fine dining - El Patio, on Bulevar Morazan, is a local institution with great local food and decor. Heavy on meat dishes, they’ll probably make you a veggie kabob if you ask.

La Cumbre is up above the city in the area of El Hatillo and has a wonderful view. Honduran and German food; the owner is European. 504 211 9000, 504 211 9001.

Tre Fratelli, located in barrio Palmira, is an outpost of a small chain from California. They have a website,

Midrange - Downtown, the Pepe Chalet, one block east and one block north of the cathedral, offers good food and service in a historic building. Good lunch buffet.

Chomy’s - This chain has at least three locations–one downtown, half a block west of the southwest corner of the central park in the Pedro Asfura building; one behind the Los Castaños shopping center, and one behind (south of) the U.S. Embassy.

Pizza House - One of the last Honduran pizza places holding the line against the influx of U.S. chains is Pizza House on Bulevar Morazán. Great wood-fire pizzas, delivery, high chairs; founded by a Honduran woman in 1986. Telephone 236 5184.

Budget - The Comedor Vegetariano is one block south and one block west of the post office. Offers vegetarian plates, soups, and fruit drinks.

Tegucigalpa - NIGHTLIFE

The National Symphonic Orchestra plays in the Manuel Bonilla Theater, six blocks west of the cathedral downtown. 220 7206 for concert information, or check the theater.

El Paradiso - a café near the eastern of el centro near the arbolito. Coffee, tea, alcohol, some food; a patio with a few tables; a small bookstore; occasional concerts, films. Phone 237 0337.


I want to stress the positive about Teguz in this guide, but it sure does get smoggy in March and April. It’s the dry season, air tends to stagnate over the city, and many wildfires burn.

Tegucigalpa: The Non-Comprehensive Guide by Eric Timar

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Eric Timar moved to Tegucigalpa in 1999 with his wife, Mary Wilcox, to work for three years with Mennonite Central Committee. Their daughter, Estelle, was born in the city in 2000. They are currently in exile in the U.S., plotting their return. Eric is also the author of Tegucigalpa: The Non-Comprehensive Guide.  Buy it for the humor, even if you aren't going to visit Tegus.

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