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Roatan - Accommodations and Restaurants

              by Larry Schlesser, Roatan-Real Estate (pictured below with wife Nancy)

I am often asked about these things and to a degree my view points are skewed in that tastes are so different and my taste Larry and Nancy Schlesser, Roatan-Real Estateobviously may not be your taste. But with that said, here are some of my favorites with the hope they may be informative for you.

Roatan - Places to East

For lunch, I really like both Que Tel and the Blue Parrot. Que Tel sits right at the entrance (main one) to Coxen’s Hole right at the large curve maybe a mile or so west of the airport on the second floor. They offer unique flavors and original creations that are always a treat.

Blue Parrot, in front of Sun Dancer cabanas in Sandy Bay makes a great burger for those who wish a change from sea food, (the mainstay on the island). The owner, a Mid-Westerner, has more of a meat & potatoes menu with good meat loaf, meat balls, though other choices are offered and I have had good experiences with. Both are good choices.

A third option for lunch is a little local place on the main street of Coxen’s Hole, (turning toward the cruise ship dock not towards the Municipal Building - right at the dead end not left) is a place called Two Doves. This has more of a “local” flavor. Shrimp, ox tails, conch, chicken wings, rice, beans,..........local -- but delicious.

Evening Dining

For dinner, I have two favorites and depending on my mood both are winners that are must stops for your night out for dinner on the island. First is Dian’s in West End Village. Make a left when you pull into West End and it is about 100 yards down on the left. Indoor or outdoor dining options are available but the key here is unique.

By that I mean unusual flavors that are not what everyone else offers. Pork tenderloin in Black Bean Sauce, sea foods in red or yellow curry, pineapple, mango, mint--the selections change but the quality is always the same.....DELICIOUS.

The second recommendation would be an island icon of sorts, Rick’s American Cafe in Sandy Bay.  This restaurant is not for the weak of heart in that you climb 60+ stairs to get to the “tree house “ restaurant, but trust me the climb is worth it. U.S. beef, always perfect shrimp, and a great, very friendly long-term staff.


There are many and this probably is harder to determine in regard to personal taste. Many folks base priorities on price, many on amenities and convenience but an overall “snap shot” I would say would be the following.

West Bay has the nicest beach by far. With that though, is a real lack of really good places to eat. There are four or five restaurants but none stand out. You can, (if you eat an early dinner), take a water taxi to West End for considerably more choices, but if you are not done early enough you take a regular taxi back

Bananarama and
Las Rocas

have a West End, tropical jungle flavor and offer good accommodations for those looking to dive and stay.

Cabana Roatan and
Island Pearl

are more “tropical” -- both nestled in palm trees and offer good value.

On the upper end there Paradise Beach Club Villas has diving, a restaurant, nice rooms and small condo units.

West End is an older tourist area with lots of places to stay, but overall is more for the midrange, to lower range pricing, privacy and amenity wise. It does have more access to the “night life” that many wish with options for bars and even music at various places. A newer operation and breaking the mold for West End is:

Bungalow 7.

Four new villas have A/C, nicely done, water front, salt water pool and they serve dinner nightly.  The adjoining “C-Bar” is there for your thirst and evening's entertainment.  For $65 - $85 a night, this new place is a nice option for those who want the above mid-range place to stay, near the “action” of West End.

Are there other places that are not “hotels” ? Sure. At the top of the list (personal view point) , might be:

Casa Carnival (turn computer speakers down -- site has sound) or
Casita Playa Bonita

Both can be found along with many other private residence, non-hotel places on an internet site called Vacation Rentals by Owner. VRBO offers many options to browse through in West End, West Bay, Sandy Bay and the more remote eastern end of the island which may be just your cup of tea.

More Roatan accommodations from RoatanOnline.
Larry Schlesser owns Roatan-Real Estate.  He and his wife Nancy made their way to the island from the greater Chicagoland and Northern Indiana area. After their daughters left the “nest,” Larry and his wife Nancy decided to take on a little life of their own outside the U.S. and experience a new place and a new culture. That was five years ago.
Larry would be glad to assist you in any real estate matters on Roatan.  You may reach him at his website, Roatan-Real Estate.
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Many folks visit Honduras and miss out on one of my favorite areas, the Highlands (mountains) of Southwest Honduras, bordering El Salvador and Guatemala.  The starting point for any visit to the Highlands is Santa Rosa de Copan. (next->)

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