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Honduras Fairs & Festivals
[This page - When to Visit, Fair and Festival Schedule, Passports and Visas, Immunizations]

When to Visit? (Planning, Part 3)
Short answer?  February thru June.  Long answer?  Read on.

Based on your planned activities, these points may help you plan the best time for you to travel to Honduras on vacation:

•  Late spring and summers are very warm and the humidity soars on the North Coast and the Bay Islands.
•  March and April can be dry and dusty in the mountains, with smoke (from intentional burn-offs and bPicture of Honduras, on the road to La Esperanzarush fires) diminishing the vistas.  Just be aware, that's all.
•  The rainy season on the Coast (Tela and La Ceiba) is October through January. You can plan on some entire days of rain, not just thunderstorms.   Plan accordingly.

Copan Ruinas and the Western Highlands are more temperate than the Caribbean area during the summer, with a quite predictable afternoon shower.  Expect rain any time on the north coast and the islands (the Moskitia as well), any time of the year. 

If you plan to study Spanish (schools) in Honduras, consider September through May.  Summers are crowded at the schools and schools reach down into the 2nd tier of teachers.

When you arrive in Honduras, make sure to ask about festivals and fairs in the particular locale.  Many honor a village's patron saint, are often under-publicized, yet offer a wonderful window into Honduran life. 

Fair and Festival Schedule




~19-25 January Guancasco Festival (San Sebastian) Gracias
2 February Guancasco Festival (Virgen de Candelaria) Intibuca (town, not departmento)
1st Week in February Fiesta Virgin of Suyapa Suyapa, near Tegucigalpa

~15-20 March

Area Fair (Feria)

Copan Ruinas

Week Preceding Easter, April 9-15, 2006 Holy Week Festival Santa Rosa de Copan
Friday, April 14, 2006 Good Friday Procession La Esperanza
April 14th Pan American Day Various Places
May 1st Labor Day National Holiday

15-20 May 2006

Carnaval (San Isidro)

La Ceiba

7-13 June

Fiesta de San Antonio - weeklong


22-23 June

Fiesta San Juan Bautista


Last week in June

Fair festival

San Pedro Sula

~12-20 July Festival Honoring Lempira Gracias
Third Week in August Maiz (Corn) Festival Danli
Late August Fiesta Santa Rosa de Lima Santa Rosa de Copan
September 15 Independence Day Various Places
September Folkloric Festival San Pedro Sula
October 3rd Birth of Francisco Morazán Various Places
12-15 October 2006 projecthonduras Conference Copan Ruinas

6-16 December 

Central American Artisan Craft Fair


~15-20 December

Area Fair

Copan Ruinas

Passports and Visas
U.S. and Canadian citizens need passports to enter.  Start early.  INS will be glad to take your money.   
Passports are issued for a 10-year period.  Canada’s passport office has a very user-friendly website.

No Honduran visa is needed to for stays of 30 days or less for citizens of the US, Western Europe, Canada, Argentina and Chile.  Stays over 30 days may be renewed in large cities for up to six months.  Avoid doing this in Tegus, if possible.  Easier elsewhere.

Citizens of other countries should contact the Honduras consulate
for entry requirements.

Immunizations for Honduras and Other Medical Issues
Ouch!  Thought I would forget didn’t you.  The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and your doc can provide you all you need.  Get busy on this early.  Be wise and follow a conservative regimen.

•  We always take along a prescription antibiotic -- so plan ahead -- to use if diarrhea continues beyond 24 hours.  Imodium should have a place in your purse.  

•  Leave any meds in their dispensed containers, in your carry-on's.

•  Take along a large tube of Neosporin and a box of band-aids.  They come in handy and can be left behind for the maid’s family at the end of the trip.


If you are going to Roatan, Utila, or Guanaja, make those lodging reservations in advance.  On the mainland, i.e., La Ceiba, Copan Ruinas, San Pedro Sula - - you don't need to make reservations in advance for the hotel, domestic flight, restaurant, bus, etc.  Just show up.  Keep your agenda loose. 

I encourage you to give yourself this kind of flexibility.  Who knows which village you may fall in love with and not having a firm itinerary and overly tight agenda permit an extended visit. 

Two exceptions
where reservations are necessary on the mainland - La Ceiba during the Carnaval and Santa Rosa de Copan during Holy Week.  During those times, cheap accommodations are not to be had.  In another section, I list the Honduras travel accommodations that I can recommend either from staying there or from trusted travelers.

Next Section:  Well, you can't walk to Honduras.  Just how do you get that cheap airfare?

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