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About Me (cont'd)

Other Sidewalk-ers
Along the way, I have had the wonder and delight of brushing up against and being with a whole variety of people.  EacUrban Warriors - Brooksville, FL.h had something to teach me.  Often this took place in a small Christian community.  During our life in Florida, I was most dramatically impacted and changed by a group of 8 other men, self-dubbed (with tongue in cheek), the Urban Warriors.  We were a group of men, all seeking genuine, truthful experiences with other men.  No John Wayne stuff – just honest dialogue, tender presence to one another, confidential confessions, forgiveness, and encouragement to walk on.  It was a tremendous time of personal growth and enrichment.  I still remember the boys often.

The Most Important Ones
I have saved the best for the last.  Dee and I have been married since 1970, when I was a two-striper in the Air Force.  We now live in Wisconsin where I work within the human resTex and His Woman, West Bay, Roatan - Honduras.ources field.   Dee is the finest human being I know.  You will never meet a more genuine, loving, caring person.  I wouldn’t be who I am today if she hadn’t entered my life. 

Dee directs a program for teens-at-risk and has compiled a fantastic record of sending them on to colleges and universities throughout the country.  I love you dear.

Tamra entered our lives in 1975, kicking and screaming.  Tam is a registered nurse
and left in October 2006 for a 7-month stint as a community nurse in Kenya.  She has a heart of gold which is opened every day.  Kimberly insisted on joining our family iGod's Gifts.n 1976.   Kim is working on her Master's in Public Policy at the University of Minnesota, after several years of youth development work.  Kim is her own person; she has a very deep set of values and convictions.  I am so proud of each of our daughters.  They give so much to our world.

What’s Important?
At the end of the day, what remains important to me?
●  Gratitude.  I couldn’t be more thankful for life.  God is awfully good to me.  I take nothing, absolutely nothing for granted.
●  A sense of presence.  While not always successful, I try and be present to the person I am with.  I have one chance in life with them.
●  A sense of purpose.  I believe I am stumbling around "purposefully," as my dear, departed budd Fran Ulschak used to say.
●  A quest for learning.  My interests are as varied as the colors of the rainbow.  Life is about learning.  Quit learning and you die -- at least metaphorically.
●  Family.  There isn’t a better feeling than being among the three women of my life – with whom I feel safe and secure; a place where I can be who I am without any pretense.
●  You.  The odds are that we will never meet.  But you remain as important to me as the next person I bump into in the office.  I would enjoy hearing from you through email.  Feel free to reach me with your suggestions, your critique, your experiences in Honduras, your ideas on how to improve the site.  You can reach me .

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