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The photos on this site are those I took while in Honduras (unless followed by a footnote number - see below).  I began 'shooting' in earnestTom Mix Rides Away into the Night in Honduras. in Copan Ruinas.  I have a great deal to learn about photography.  You have no idea how difficult it was at times to capture the pictures out the window of the bus.

The trip has triggered a new interest and I will be taking a continuing-education course to learn more.  I have tons more to learn on graphics.  The use of imagery with my writing is all new to me.  So is the software and at times, I was ready to throw up my hands.  Pixels, schmixels.

Other photos used in this site - If a number follows the bolded title of the photo, I list the credit below.  The photos used are from 'open-right' sites; regardless I have chosen to list them. 
Photos used include:

1.  Library of Congress,
5.  University of Queensland, Australia,
7.  Library of Congress,
10. Library of Congress,
11. Library of Congress,
12. (That's Tom Mix at the heyday of his career in Hollywood)
13. US Fish and Wildlife Service,
14. Luna Rivera, original art
15. Photos by Wendy Griffin

Reprinting Material
Please ask before using any of the written materials (or photos) from this site.  I would be honored to consider a reprinting of the material.  I do, however, have a need to explicitly approve any reprinting in advance.  I would be glad to discuss any request - - just email .

The website is copyrighted with the exception of the photos credited to others.  All opinions on the site, right or wrong, are just that - - opinions.  Use this site as it was intended - - to give you ideas.  Plan a good vacation, but in the end, it will be your trip.  Make it safe, pleasurable, fulfilling and your own.

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