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Best Airfare to Honduras

Tips - Getting the Best Fare, Planning Part 4

  Fly Tuesdays through Thursdays if possible.
  Price the airfare on the net between midnight and 5 a.m., Tuesdays through Thursdays.  Don't believe me?  Try it.
  Know the going rate!
  Have your exact planned dates in mind. Grab a good calendar off the net to help plan the trip and book flights.
  If you see a bone cheap airfare13, buy it.  Once those few inexpensive seats are gone, software automatically raises the price as load-factor thresholds are hit.

Best net website for prices?  Lately, I have been using Try your favorite and compare prices.  Once you know the going rate, look at prices on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening, between midnite and 5 a.m.  That is when the bargain appears (and quickly disappears).  Know your dates and budget and hit 'buy' when the price is right.

Airport codes and current weather (note:  one commercial flight from Roatan only to Copan Ruinas La Estanzuela Tours)

City/Code                 Weather                      
  SAP - San Pedro Sula San Pedro Sula 10-day forecast
  RTB - Roatan Roatan 10-day forecast
  LCE - La Ceiba Ceiba 10-day forecast
  TGU - Tegucigalpa ('Tegus') Tegus 10-day forecast
Other Cities

Good Utilization of the Web

While you are on the net, check out
  Travel-to-Honduras.  The site has everything from activities to classifieds; diving to volunteerism. 
  The site has an excellent list of links to a variety of forums and sites on the Bay Islands and Honduras. - The only place to find information on the web about Utila.

  Newspapers:  There is one English newspaper online, Honduras This Week.  The newspaper has an excellent archiving system that is buried within the web site but this link will get you there.  Look up topics/areas that are of interest to you.  As well, Yahoo has an index that provides an archive of Honduran news in English.
Newspapers in Spanish include La Prensa (San Pedro Sula), Tiempo (San Pedro Sula), and La Tribuna (Tegus). 

  Radio is available on the net from a variety of stations.

Need Some Ideas on Where to Start?

Rather than flounder around on places to include in your trip, I have listed some of my absolutely favorites areas to see in Honduras.  I have included an overview on each spot.  See if my 'Honduras Travel -Top Ten' interest you as well. 


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