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Honduras: Tourism in-wait...


Honduras tourism and culture are as "content-rich" as any country in Central America.  But with little information on Honduras and its tourism in the news or on the net, Honduras and its tourism sector unfortunately remain under the radar for most North Americans. That's unfortunate Mountains near Gracias, Honduras.- - Honduras and its tourism have lots to offer the traveler.

Honduras tourism - Why Honduras?

Honduras and its growing eco-tourism sector have easily accessible, gorgeous national parks; cloud forests; national reserves; and botanical gardens - - all with remarkable scenery.

Each park offers great birding, hiking, photography opportunities, water rafting near La Ceiba, kayaking or sightseeing. has the best material on eco-tourism for those who are planning green-centered travel.  As well, has numerous articles on ideas for eco-tourism throughout Latin America.

Honduras has marvelous beaches on Roatan, Guanaja, and Utila - - some of the finest in all of Latin America and the Caribbean. These beaches are tourism 'gold' for Honduras. Go for the great scuba diving, the snorkeling, the kayaking, the swimming, the long walks on the beach.  (The beaches are probably Honduras' tourism best known destinations).

And no, there isn't any good surfing in Honduras.  Try Panama's Pacific coast, but take your own board.

Honduras has the Mayan Ruins at Copan Ruinas - An ancient civilization rich in culture comes alive alongside its descendents. Planned infrastructure improvements will only add to the Honduras eco-tourism growth in the Copan area, a short 2.5 hour bus ride from San Pedro Sula.

Honduras is a different culture, very unlike North America, yet ever so close. San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa are a 2.5-hour non-stop flight from New Orleans, Houston, or Miami.  As leisure time increases, eco-tourism in Honduras can become a growing industry.  Make no mistake.  Honduras is not Costa Rica and its park system is no where near as developed as Costa Rica's.  Honduras does not have the variety of accommodations near their parks as does Costa Rica.  But for those desiring a visit to nature at its purest, Honduras is a good choice.

The Honduras people - a culture-rich mosaic (Honduras tourism's richest gift):

The Mestizo, mixed ancestry - European and Indigenous

Four major indigenous people - The Chortí Maya along the GuatemalaTwo Young Musicians - La Ceiba Market, Honduras.n border, the Miskito of Eastern Honduras and the Lenca people of western and southern Honduras (and several smaller groups - the Nahoas, Pech, Tawahkas and Tolupanes).  The fourth group is:

The Garifuna of the North Coast; African and Carib Indigenous backgrounds - - with their own distinct culture and language - - live along the North Coast (La Ceiba) and the Bay Islands

English-speaking Afro-Caribbeans on the Caribbean coast and the Bay Islands, many of whom trace their roots to the Caymans

English-speaking Whites on the Bay Islands who descend from the English and Scottish, with a claimed buccaneer ancestor or two thrown in for intrigue,
Spanish-speaking descendents of the Spaniards from the time of the conquest,

Descendents of the Chinese and Palestinians who came during the early 1900's.

●  A Honduras Vacation is Inexpensive - Honduras tourism offers a tremendous value for your dollar. Transportation, food and hotel prices are as reasonable as any place in the world. If you can get your PADI-diving certification more inexpensively anywhere, please let me know.

Honduras is manageable - Unlike some of the larger countries in Latin America, much of Honduras can be seen in a two-week visit.

With these thoughts in mind about Honduras tourism, let's begin to plan the Honduras travel.  

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