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Volunteer Honduras (and NGOs)

I receive many emails from prospective volunteers and people that wish to reach out to Hondurans through quality not-for-profit efforts (NGOs).  As such, I would like to build out this section to broaden knowledge about volunteer efforts and not-for-profits in Honduras.

I would welcome:

1) Articles on not-for-profits that improve the lives of Hondurans

2) Stories or reflections on the part of volunteers

3)  How to best prepare for the volunteer experience (emotionally, spiritually, practically)

4) Volunteer opportunities that exist in Honduras (many parishes/churches have group efforts)

5) Your updates while in Honduras to share -- I offer this website as a place where folks on a project/mission may ask me to post their daily progress notes, etc., for the "folks" back home.

So, feel free to send along your material as desired.  I would be glad to work with you in filling this "web void."  Please ask questions or send along your material to me here via my
Thanks in advance, Dave

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