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San Juan Tourism Cooperative


And welcome to my home the tranquilo village of San Juan, Intibucá!

My name is Barbara and I am currently (2006) working as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Among many things, I am trying to help out the local tourism cooperative. San Juan, HondurasBUT, I am not telling you to come to San Juan just because I work with these people. More so, because I work with the Cooperative, I feel I have the privilege to tell you exactly why it is that you should come here.

A quick history: Rural Eco-Tourism Project in San Juan

The Tourism Cooperative was created in San Juan in 2002 as a community based initiative with the goal of bettering the standard of living through the means of diversifying economic development. Via this Cooperative, the members hope to provide the community with a form of employment that is a little less intense and more prosperously based in the love of nature and culture.

What you can do here

In the tourism packets that they offer, there are a diversity of sites and activities, all supported by a united team of comedores, posadas, guides, land and horse owners, and the visitors center. Tours pass through the beautiful countryside, with destinations of hidden waterfalls, canyons, and coffee farms, all on foot, horse back, or pick up truck. Visitors also have the chance to relax in mountain fed pools, learn how to toast coffee the old fashioned way, partake in traditional artisan demonstrations, and enjoy the typical food the San Juaneños have been eating for decades. Eco-tourism here is 100% authentic and adventurous.

Why you should really come

In San Juan, you will find a typical Honduran town with very hospitable people that are truly interested and invested in getting to know you and providing you a memorable experience. Whether it be hanging out and drinking a cup of fresh roasted coffee by the fogon (wood burning stove) in the kitchen of Dona Soledad where you are staying, or stopping at your guides house to meet his family and learn how to make tortillas, the people here share their lives to an extent you will not find in many tourist destinations. Hey- its also very affordable for the backpacker on a budget.

General Prices*

Traditional lodging: L60/person/night

Guided Tours: L400/person (including guide and lunch)

Coffee roasting and Artisan Demonstrations: L25/person

*prices subject to change

More Info

Visitors Center in the store of Gladys Nolasco, called the Docucentro Israel (504.754.7150) or email us:

How to get to San Juan

From San Pedro Sula or Tegucigalpa, via the cities of La Esperanza, Intibucá or Gracias, Lempira, you hop on the local buses or jalón (hitch a ride) in the back of a pick up.

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