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Fish Den  by Laura Radford

Fish Den

This site is near Sandy Bay and West End and all operators on that side of the island frequent it. Make sure you ask to see it.

At times while diving at Fish Den I got an eerie feeling that I was actually swimming inside a giant aquarium. It is teeming with fairy basslets, Creole wrasses, blue tangs- including juveniles which are bright yellow- several species of angelfish and parrotfish, triggerfish, grouper, blennies, filefish, trunkfish, indigo hamlets, spotted drum, trumpetfish, Christmas treeRoatan, Honduras - Dolphin worms, banded shrimp, arrow crabs; Iíll stop. You get the picture.

This is an excellent first dive as it contains an assortment of the best of Roatanís fish and coral and is an easy dive. The outer wall ends at about seventy feet but it is easy to stay shallower. It is also and excellent last dive as it provides an opportunity to say goodbye to nearly all of your new found fishy friends.

White Hole

The dive site White Hole is named for the round patch of sand surrounded by coral and sponges. The sandy part is a good place to look for scorpion fish and stingrays. The rest of the reef is relatively shallow and placid and is host to most everything bright and colorful. Three very grouper accompanied me on my entire dive. One was so curious and fearless that I reached out and touched his tail.


Laura Radford is a writer and a PADI certified SCUBA Instructor.  In 1995 after completing an MFA in Creative Writing she moved from Alaska to Costa Rica where she taught diving and lead SCUBA tours.   She later returned to her home state of California where she worked as a high school English teacher. 

Currently Laura is working as a freelance writer and is traveling and diving in her free time, which is most of time.  She was drawn to Honduras by the extraordinary diving off the Bay Islands but was lured to mainland by Hondurasís natural beauty and fascinating history.

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Many thanks to Laura Radford for her generous use of these articles and photos.

Laura would be glad to answer any of your diving questions.  She may be reached 


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