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Bear's Den   by Laura Radford

This is an advanced dive for experienced divers only. The cave, or “den” begins at a depth of fifty feet and stretches down into the reef. There is a narrow Roatan Honduras, Anthony's Keypassage, what is called a “chimney chute” in cave diving circles, that leads into a large room. This is particularly advanced because in addition to the added risk of diving with in an overhead environment, the chute is very narrow.

Divers must proceed single file and there are long sections where turning around is impossible. It is recommended that an experienced divemaster lead this dive. Now that I’ve scared you, I’ll tell you the positive. Light filters though the reef in several spots and seems to magically illuminate the passages. There are even large holes in spots. It is a very fun dive if you are comfortable with caverns.

Cavers Only

Not all dive operators go to Bear’s Den. Anthony’s Key Resort not longer will take divers there, but most West End operators will go if you request it. If caves are not your thing, Bear’s Den is terrific dive on top of the reef.


Laura Radford is a writer and a PADI certified SCUBA Instructor.  In 1995 after completing an MFA in Creative Writing she moved from Alaska to Costa Rica where she taught diving and lead SCUBA tours.   She later returned to her home state of California where she worked as a high school English teacher. 

Currently Laura is working as a freelance writer and is traveling and diving in her free time, which is most of time.  She was drawn to Honduras by the extraordinary diving off the Bay Islands but was lured to mainland by Honduras’s natural beauty and fascinating history.

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 Many thanks to Laura Radford for her articles and photos on Roatan diving and Honduras.

Laura would be glad to answer any of your Roatan diving and Honduras diving questions.  She may be reached


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