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The Pechs - Honduras

It is possible to visit the rainforest and rainforest Indians without going to the Mosquitia. Honduran Pech Indians15, Pech farmer and herbalist, Natividad Garcia, El Carbon, Olancho, Honduras.formerly known as Payas, live in four main areas:

•  Silin, near Trujillo which is on a mail coast road
•  Villages around Culmi—on the unpaved road from Catacamas to Culmi, Olancho
•  Santa Maria El Carbon-on an unpaved road connecting Trujillo to Juticalpa, Olancho
•  Villages around Las Marias in the Mosquitia (accessible only by plane and canoe trip)

Only the last two still have easily accessible rainforest.  Silin and Las Marias areas are discussed below.  Separate pages follow on the Culmi and Santa Maria El Carbon areas.


To reach Silin, take any Trujillo-Tocoa bus (they leave almost every hour) and get off at the ENP shelter in Silin only 4 km from Trujillo. Ask for directions to the Pech houses. There are no crafts or dances in these communities and their rainforest, in the buffer zone of the Capiro and Calentura National Park, has been mostly cut down, picked over, and the wildlife hunted.

This community, which dates from the 1930’s, is mostly made up of Pech from El Carbon who come to the Coast to work.

Las Marias

Although the most remote, this is the most visited Pech village. Fly from La Ceiba to Palacios. There men with canoes with outboard motors will meet you for a 7-hour canoe trip through the rainforest to Las Marias. There is a wooden hotel/hospedaje in Las Marias—wooden walls, palm leaf roof of suita, complete with bucket shower.

They will feed you. The local guides will take you out on the river into the forest to see archaeological ruins. Crafts are for sale in Las Marias, particularly tree bark twine bags. Tours are available through Mosquitia Eco-Adventures.


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Pech Villages Near Culmi Pech Villages Near Santa Maria El Carbon


Pech Areas of Honduras

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Villages Around Culmi

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