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  Honduras Vacation, October 2007, by Nancy K.  (Nancy enjoyed planning her Honduras vacation using the site and would like to give back, via this page.)

Garifuna tour of Punta Sal for hiking snorkeling and lunch was awesome. We got a substantial boat ride to boot, not just a drop in and pick-up. We left out of Tela. Tela was lovely. We stayed at Maya Vista for views that let us truly enjoy the town whether ot not we left our room. I can't imagine being cooped up at a hostel type place there near the park for a similar price no less.

In Ceiba we crashed at Jungle River Lodge. We took a well guided raft trip. We loved the sounds of the rapids in our room. I especially appreciated that it appeared to be Honduran owned and run. The difference between them and Omega from what I read does not seem huge but we had a terrific experience with Jungle River. Their Ceiba office is at the Banana republic guesthouse.

Our take off point from Los Molinos B&B was a great value. I liken it to a non-restrictive homestay. The owners tips and knowledge changed our trip significantly. We ventured a bit outside Hedman Alas, tried a chicken bus or two, and felt more secure traveling thru Honduras. I strongly recommend their B&B as a place to get your bearings once in Honduras.

No one wanted to accept the travel checks, my last effort was the bank but the lines were so looong that I quit. Make sure you have $30 USD or lemp equivalent per person when you are ready to fly home, that's the tax you'll owe. We did not need a guide after we scored the Honduras Tips publication free from a tour office. Unless you are okay going some time without one you can wait for an opportunity like this. Its better than our lonely planet was. Definitely heed the warnings for safety if you can run the precautions alongside the exploration then you will have a nice trip.

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