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La Ceiba, Honduras - Food and Drink

Listed are here are some of the best restaurants I found in La Ceiba.  Send along your favorites by contacting me here:

Best traditional Honduran food in Ceiba - Cobel (6th St., between San Isidro and 14 de Julio Avenues). Very clean. Inexpensive.
◊ Try the 'baleadas' (flour torillas with fried beans, eggs, and or meat.)
◊ 'Sopa de res' (traditional beef soup).
◊ 'Sopa de Caracol (conch soup).

Best traditional coffee shop - Hotel San Carlos, San Isidro between 5th and 6th Streets. Sailors, treasure hunters, and locals. Listen for Misquito, Creole English and Garifuna languages. Good place to ask for directions if you are still working on your Spanish. Quick coffee - Cafe Americano across from Central Park.

Best Restaurant in all of Honduras - Visit Ricardo's for the beef but be prepared for North American prices (Av. 14 de Julio and 10 Calle). Ricardo has won "Best Restaurant - Central America" on several occasions.

Other good restaurants in Ceiba

Some Themed Ideas for time in La Ceiba

Here are some ways to spend time in Ceiba based on your interests:

Visit during the Ceiba carnaval but make sure you have reservations ahead of time. Get your reservations early; consider the Coco Pando Resort for a good Honduras hotel.

All of Ceiba and the rest of Honduras turns out for the carnaval. The event lies somewhere between Mardi Gras in New Orleans and the pre-Lent festivities of Rio. Go when you are in Honduras and let me know how you would categorize it!

Much of Ceiba comes alive during the week of the carnaval which I believe will occur on Saturday, May 21st.  Double check that date with hotel in which you will be staying.   Huge parade with floats; music and dancing in the streets, all night long.

Good ecotourist opportunities.  Choose to visit either the Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge which is west of Ceiba or the Pico Bonito National Park, south of Ceiba. You can't go wrong. An article by Wendy Griffin details each of them.
Look into rafting Honduras' best river, the Rio Cangrejal. Several Honduras travel agents in the area will help you if you don't want to do it on your own. Consider Omega (has website, but is often "down"), Rios Honduras, and La Moskitia.  Hikers and nature lovers will enjoy the mangrove swamps, the rain forests, the hiking, the birding, and all the best of Honduras ecotourism.

Day-Trips on Your Own - Garifuna Villages near La Ceiba, Honduras

From Ceiba, you can take a local bus from the central station (Blvd. 15 de Septiembre, just west of town) and visit the Garifuna villages of Corozal (12 kms.) and Sambo Creek (20 kms). This makes for a perfect day-trip. Have fried fish, or 'sopa de caracol' (conch) or 'sopa de pescado' (fish) at La Champa or Sambo Creek Restaurant in Sambo Creek.

Need more to convince you? Visit, the official Honduras visitors' guide.   You have to scrum around a bit but there is an English section with a decent build-out under "cities," and then "La Ceiba.

Ceiba's Motto

Ceiba's citizens pride themselves when they hear of their city: "Tegus thinks, San Pedro Sula works, and Ceiba plays..."  Man, does this capture the spirit of La Ceiba and the citizens of this Latin-energized Honduras city.

Interested in a first-hand account of the carnaval at La Ceiba, Honduras?  Join Jen Campbell and John Everette as they share their visit.

Or jump to the next sections that will give you a closer look at some great Honduras vacation travel spots after visiting La Ceiba. Pick one and begin to get more ideas for your travel to Honduras.

San Pedro Sula        Tegucigalpa       Santa Rosa de Copan       Roatan



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Coco Pando Resort
La Ceiba

Interested in a first-hand account of a day at the carnaval at La Ceiba, Honduras?  Join Jen Campbell and John Everette as they share their visit.

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