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La Ceiba, Honduras - Things to Do

Here are some ideas for things to do close to the Central Park area (see map of La Ceiba):

• People-watch in the shade of the central park. Iced sodas are available as well as benches.
• Shop the department stores for "I left that at home" items. The traditional department stores are just north of the central park.
• Grab some pastries at any one of several wonderful bakeries.
• Search out some CDs of Guillermo Anderson, La Ceiba's gift to Honduras music.
• Visit a cantina, grabbing a cold bottle of Salva Vida beer, a Honduran brew.
• Shop in the open-air market in northeast Ceiba.
• Visit the Butterfly Museum, in Colonia El Sauce, the southern part of the city.

Ideas for a Week of Fun in the carnaval City, La Ceiba

For those staying longer than one day (and by all means do so!), here are some ideas for the rest of the week:
• Ride the entire city perimeter in a local bus for three lempiras
• Squeeze in a fast-food fix if you must, at Wendy's or Pizza Hut.
• Have fresh fish for lunch down near the sea.
• Best stocked grocery store I found was Super Ceibeño, 4 Calle and Av. Republica (near city park area).
• Look for a good bottle of Honduras rum (ron).  Flor de Caña Reserva Rum is made in Honduras and Nicaragua. It is a good 7-year old rum. San Isidro, Patron of La Ceiba, Honduras
• Visit the city's cathedral - San Isidro14 (patron saint of farmers) for a mass.
• Catch up on your laundry at one of the numerous lavanderías around town.
• Get a "North American-fix" at the Expat's Bar (an excellent place to ask for suggestions - - get the lay of the land on the eco-tourism scene). The popular bar/restaurant is on 12 Calle, 2 blocks east of San Isidro Avenida.


Interested in a first-hand account of the carnaval at La Ceiba, Honduras?  Join Jen Campbell and John Everette as they share their visit.

Or jump to the next sections that will give you a closer look at some great Honduras vacation travel spots after visiting La Ceiba. Pick one and begin to get more ideas for your travel to Honduras.

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Coco Pando Resort
La Ceiba

Interested in a first-hand account of a day at the carnaval at La Ceiba, Honduras?  Join Jen Campbell and John Everette as they share their visit.

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