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Indigenous Groups of Honduras

Indigenous groups are one of the top 5 reasons to visit Honduras.  Groups that you can visit include the Miskito Indians, the Pech Indians, the Garifunas, the Lencas, and the Chorti Indians. Other Honduran ethnic groups which can be visited include the Tawahka Indians and the Bay Islanders. The Tolupan (Jicaque) Indians are not very easy to visit and are not very open to visitors. is fortunate to have Wendy Griffin offer this section of the website, Indigenous Groups of Honduras.

Wendy, a historian and writer, is widely known throughout Honduras for her understanding and interest in the ethnic groups of Honduras Wendy Griffin, writer and historian, in Honduras.and for her writings on the peoples of Honduras.  Wendy graciously offers her time and expertise in writing this section (except for the Lenca page which I wrote).  This section immeasurably adds to presenting a fuller picture of Honduras.  Thank you Wendy.

Common sense and an appreciation for other cultures are all that is necessary to visit the ethnic communities of Honduras.  In my Central American travels, I (Dave) have found it helpful to keep these things in mind:

•  Some individuals choose not to have pictures taken.  Don't take pictures without permission -- no different than at home.
•  Be sensitive to ceremonies and rituals.  Don't barge in or assume that you have the right to intrude.
•  Show a true interest in other people.  People the world over understand when you are genuinely interested in them.
•  Kids will be naturally curious.  Go with the flow and find some youthful behavior inside yourself when interacting with kids.
•  Demonstrate respect with actions and words. 


Group Population (update pending)
Lenca 100,000
Garifuna 98,000
Miskito 29,000
Chortí Maya 4,200
Pech 2,500
Tolupan 2,000
Tawahka 1,000

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Wendy Griffin has worked with Honduran ethnic groups since 1986. In Honduras she has worked with bilingual education (Spanish/native languages) and taught English and anthropology at Honduran universities. From 1992 to 2002 she was a reporter covering Honduran ethnic groups for Honduras This Week. Her in-depth articles can be seen online at and click on previous edition.

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