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San Pedro Sula Honduras-
Vacation Begins Here

Map of San Pedro Sula Honduras  (off site)

Why San Pedro Sula?

The city of San Pedro Sula
makes for the
best arrival and departure point, regardless of destination within Honduras.  Whether traveling to Roatan or the Mosquitia; Copan Ruinas to La Ceiba or La Esperanza -- San Pedro Sula is both the logical and logistical starting point for Honduras travel.  Why start there?

San Pedro Sula  offers more flights to Roatan than does Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras.

 San Pedro Sula sits squarely in the center of the Sula valley.  Most of Honduras' commerce and traffic travel through the Sula valley.

 Land travel within Honduras is
much easier if you begin in San Pedro Sula.  Tegucigalpa, an option, requires more backtracking if your final leg of the trip is in the Bay Islands.  San Pedro Sula sits equidistant between Copan Ruinas and La Ceiba (and on to the Bay Islands).  This Honduras map will help you see the point.  From Tegucigalpa to Copan requires a bus trip to San Pedro Sula and then back up to Copan Ruinas.

(If you are going to travel to Tegucigalpa, Eric Timar's articles on Tegucigalpa travel on our website will be helpful.  Eric makes some compelling reasons for traveling to Tegucigalpa).

A tip?  How can you grab another night San Pedro Sula, Honduras - Museumin Roatan?  Easy. Arrange your return flight home from Honduras
at Noon or later, leaving Roatan on a morning commuter flight in time to catch your flight out of SPS or Tegus.

 If you begin your travels in San Pedro Sula, more time is available to visit and spend quality time at the Museum of Anthropology and History.  The museum is a must-see for Honduras history or culture buffs.

Things to Do in San Pedro Sula

Before leaving San Pedro Sula,
consider the following as good opportunities.  Always take a cab after dark:

▪  Restaurants - Many excellent restaurants in San Pedro Sula, with a variety of ethnic flavors, are located in the Zona Viva.  We had conch ceviche and a fish platter at Chef Mariano's, a Garifuna restaurant.  It was superb.

▪  Soccer (Fútbol).  Professional soccer is played in more that one part of San Pedro Sula.  Your front desk can help you locate the closer stadium.

▪  Shopping for Leather Goods:  San Pedro Sula offers several choices but many recommend Danilo's for leather goods.

▪  Parque Central - Central Park, like all Central American parks, is a wonderful place to find a Pepsi, a bench, and a shade tree.  Take time just to "people watch."  Sometimes, marimba bands will be playing at the noon hour.  Downside?  Too many gringo-like cafeterias immediately adjacent to the park.  They miss the mark on Honduran authenticity but yet they remain busy.  Go figure.

For an inexpensive lunch, try Antojitos Mexicanos, right above the Expresso Americano on the square.  Cholesterol city. 

The cathedral in San Pedro Sula sits at the east end of the park but isn't all that architecturally interesting.  The front doors were locked at 12.15pm, so I don't know what the stained glass or interior offer.  Not to worry.  You will find many a church open elsewhere, if that is your interest.  (The city of Gracias, Honduras has as much historical church architecture as any area in the country).

▪  Handicrafts, nicknacks, cigars, rum, vanilla -  
Guamilito Market is the largest market for the take-home gifts. 
The Guamilito Market (mercado) offers just about everything under the sun, including a dozen tortillas to go, made right before your eyes.  If you can't find something,
you just aren't looking.

I personally would encourage you to shop the Casa del Sol, immediately south of the market, before buying at Guamilito.  They are a smaller shop and the goods seemed to be a higher quality. Reasonably priced.

Take time for a latte under the umbrellas at La Plazita, right next to Casa del Sol.  A cigar and coffee store with an excellent selection is within the small grouping of shops.  The woman owner is a gracious woman who is willing to share ideas on what to see in Honduras.  Introduce yourself.

▪  Malls - Finally, for those of you who can't do without, there are 3 malls in San Pedro Sula.  Both MegaPlaza or Mulitplaza will provide the 'mall fix' and you can continue on with your journey.  As well, "City Mall" opened in November 2005 in San Pedro Sula and boasts of 225 shops as well as 8 movie theaters, 7 banks, 24 fast-food restaurants and 4 standard restaurants.

▪  Art - By all means, look for some.  We enjoy buying one distinct, unique, quality piece of art home from every trip.  One place you might try looking for one is at the MAYMO Art Gallery (3rd paragraph down in linked article).

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