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Honduras Travel - Links, Far and Near

Over 300 external links on travel in Honduras are included throughout this web site.  Listed below are two types of links:  1)  good links on Honduras travel and, 2)  links that I enjoy.  Call it editorial prerogative. 

If you don't see what you are looking for, make sure you try the internal search engine to the right, in the margin. =========>>  With 100+ pages and growing, you might have missed it.

Good Honduras Links:

Suggest your best Honduras travel links by emailing me.  Thanks!

     EUROPA-HONDURAS is a virtual BRIDGE that allows online communications among individuals and organizations wishing to stay connected or to build new connections to Honduras has the best info on eco-friendly Honduras visits
     Lonely Planet
     Travel to Honduras (Based on Roatan)
     Honduweb Travel (a bit dated) (Honduras's official web)

     Best Honduras travel book, Moon Handbook (the travel book to buy and carry)
     Honduras Tips, general overall site from the Department of Tourism,
     Excellent journal site on a kayak venture along the north coast of Honduras.   Very well written.

Copan Links
Best site about the ruins.
Best overall site about Copan.

Guanaja Link
The guide to Guanaja,

La Ceiba Links (Business owners' site about La Ceiba - temperamental site that could do a ton more to boost English-speaking tourists...oh well)

Moskitia Region
Broad, descriptive site.
More detailed travel site.

Suenos de Mar Bed and Breakfast

Puerto Cortes
Good overview

Real Estate Links
Roatan-Real Estate
Colby's Real Estate

Roatan Links

Best informative site without commercials.
Site with more commercial approach.
Quick and clear overview of Roatan
Site with info so that you can compare the islands

Utila Links
Rainbowbrokerage, a commercial site but worth a visit
AboutUtila, the site that has put Utila on the map

Sailing Links

San Pedro Sula (very slim pickings - chamber of commerce missing the boat)
General overview of the city.

(not much out there)
Getting around Tegucigalpa.
Overall general information.

Tela Links (good little site about Tela, on the north coast)

National Parks of Trujillo (worth a visit for the photos)
A quick overview of the area (warning, music onsite)

Honduras Children
believes that opportunity, education, hope and love are what children need to break the cycle of poverty and abuse.

Western Highlands

Warren Post's site on Santa Rosa de Copan, starting point for highlands

Best Overall Site for Honduras Links

LANIC, University of Texas (a must visit for info beyond tourism)

Delightful Links, Unrelated to Honduras

Bill Ford's helpful site on personal computing, with tons of "how-to's."  Bill's site is the first place I drop in when stuck on a PC issue.

Urban Iditarod - An urban take-off on the great Alaskan dog-sled event.  Have to meet these folks someday.

Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World - A delightful assortment of stories from all corners of the globe.  Any story tellers out there? 

Hasidic stories always hold deep wisdom for me with a touch of mystery, often in the turn of a phrase.  Have you ever read one?

Mr. Duck rolls out a continuing saga on family life in a series of wonderful, dry, humorous stories ... always a fresh take on family life.

Peace Fellowships Worth Your Consideration

Episcopal Peace Fellowship
Lutheran Peace Fellowship
Pax Christi


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