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Has This Site Helped You? 

Over the years that our website has been active, we have received countless thank-you's from our website visitors.   We are appreciative but would like to take that one step further.

We are encouraging our visitors, if they have been helped by the site, to make a donation to Our Little Roses (OLR) home for young girls in San Pedro Sula.  The home is an outgrowth of the Episcopal church.   My wife and I sponsor children there and can attest to the integrity of OLR's work and the depth of their love.

Have you been helped by the site?  If so, we are suggesting that you contribute:
●  1% of the budgeted expenses for your Honduran trip to Our Little Roses.  $3500 trip - $35 donation or,
●  $7, one-third the list price of a tour guide book for Honduras.

How to donate

Visit the Our Little Roses website and consider a significant one-time gift or consider sponsoring a child for a year.  Your monies will be wisely used.


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