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Ceiba Conch Ceviche

Upon returning home from Honduras, I wanted to see how close I could come to making an authentic Honduras ceviche.  I have futzed around and think this is awfully close to the 'real McCoy'.  Now, if I only had some fresh conch 13 to work with...
Conch Diver.
▪     29 oz. can of conch - [usually can be found at a good fish market or an Italian or Greek deli.] Drain and rinse in cool water until the ‘soapiness’ disappears.
▪     2 Mexican or Key limes [use your standard supermarket “Persian” limes if not available]
▪     1 small serrano pepper [jalapeno if you like more heat]
▪     4 cloves of garlic
▪     ½ walla walla, vadalia or another sweet onion
▪     1 celery rib
▪     ½ red bell pepper
▪     ½ green bell pepper
▪     fresh cilantro (parsley if cilantro isn't available)
▪     1 T. first press, extra virgin olive oil
▪     sea salt
▪     freshly ground pepper

Chop conch pieces into ¼ inch chunks.  Squeeze the limes and place the conch in the juice.  [The juice breaks the protein down just as if it were heated – try this with fresh fish and just lather the fish on top of freshly made tortillas].

Meanwhile, dice the vegetables into 1/8-1/4 inch pieces. My taste runs to smaller dicing. Press the garlic.  Chop the parsley (or cilantro) and add the olive oil. Salt and pepper to taste. Toss the vegetables and add to the conch and lime juice.

Chill at least 4 hours. Just before serving, toss again, pouring off excess liquid. Pour back liquid to your own preference.

Serve with fresh gourmet crackers, dipping corn chips, or fresh tortillas.

[Note: We also like this recipe with any mild fish, using the lime to ‘cook it.’ This is very Caribbean, Latin American style].

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