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Brus Laguna

This is the second largest Miskito town, also on a Lagoon. Direct flights connect La Ceiba and Brus Laguna. There is a small wooden hotel near the water where they will also help you get meals. Brus is not in the rainforest, but it is possible to arrange day trips by canoe into the rainforest of the Rio Platano Biosphere. Brus has traditional Miskito wooden homes. No Miskito crafts are available here. The most popular activity here is going across the Lagoon to see the place where the Miskito salt fish for sale to Hondurans in the rest of Honduras. Christmas dances such as tambakus and rondas make Christmas a special time to visit here. Most Miskitos belong to the Moravian church.

The Moravian High School here offers a degree in Environmental Science and usually has an interesting project going on such as a green iguana farm. Plaplaya, a Garifuna town with a sea turtle project, is reachable by canoe from here. It is also possible to get a canoe down the Patuca to see more Miskito towns or to go see the Tawahkas.

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Miskito Areas of Honduras

Puerto Lempira

Brus Laguna

Rio Platano Biosphere Area

Puerto Lempira
Brus Laguna
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