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Bahia Black Bean Soup

(Note:  A Honduran-American mentioned that Hondurans cook with red beans.  When we visited in 2003, we were served red beans 1/2 the time and black beans 1/2 the time.  Beans of any color will work in the bean recipes on this site -- garbanzos or chickpeas require longer cooking time).

* 1 Onion
* 1 red or yellow bell pepper, finely diced
* 2 garlic minced garlic cloves
* 1 T olive oil
* 3 15-oz cans black beans, drained
* 2 C stock
* 1 1/2 t. oregano
* 1 yellow chili, seeded and chopped
* 1 jalapeño, seeded and chopped (brave souls leave the seeds)
* 1 15-oz can whole tomatoes with liquid or 18-oz can sauce
* 1/2 lime, squeezed for juice (critical)
* 1/4 c. sherry (I use red wine)
* fresh cilantro (1 1/2 t. if fresh isn't available)

[My adjustments to the recipe include adding a smoked ham hock for flavor.  As well, if you find the soup too heavily flavored by the tomatoes, merely back down on the amount of tomato and increase the stock proportionately].

Sauté onion; bell pepper and garlic in oil until onion is translucent. Add beans, stock and oregano. Heat thoroughly.

Seed and chop yellow and jalapeño chilis and put into blender. Add lime juice and tomato. Puree to finely mince the chilis.

Add black bean mixture to blender (in batches) and puree. When everything is pureed, return it to the soup pot. Simmer at least 1.5 hours.

Add wine and fresh cilantro to taste.

Garnishes: Rice, grated cheeses, diced onion, salsa, sour cream, plain yogurt, grilled sausages.

[I add a smoked ham hock for flavor.  If the recipe is too tomato tasting for you, merely back down on the tomato amount and increase the stock proportionately].

*[From Spirited Food, Whidbey Institute]

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